DATE 2006-2018
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Rac,mamoqei is one of my oldest conlangs, created for an epic fantasy world I was creating in middle and high school. I wrote a lot of stories in that world and reworked the languages extensively multiple times over the years. I won't go into too much world detail, just enough to give you context, but the basics are that the continents are called Legends and the Tipa Empire are the Elvish colonists of this world.

Rac,mamoqei means "the language of the people". It is spoken by the Taulan people of Qana Aumi, the smallest and southern-most continent and country in the Legends. Qana Aumi is among the most recent country to be colonised by the Tipa Empire and its territory is slowly shrinking as Tipan outposts pop up along its coastline.


1st person (single) fau- -fe falmeir mafal
2nd person fec- -fec fecmeir mafec
3rd person (single, male) reu- -ro reumeir mareu
3rd person (single, female) reu- -rua rilmeir mari
1st person (plural) ual- -ualte uameir mauar
3rd person (plural) dram- -dar drameir madar


  • Don't conjugate according to person (eg. faumarta, "I am"; dram-marta, "they are").
  • A negative is indicated by a -qoch suffix, any tense suffix always precedes the negative (eg. faumartaqoch, "I am not").

none present faumarta, "I am"
-deiquan- future faudeiquanmarta,
"I will be"
-uan past faumartauan,
"I was"
-ruy present conditional faumartaruy,
"I would be"
-qoc present progressive faumartaqoc,
"I am being"
I: fautan-[...]-qa
you: fectan-[...]-qa
he: reuteq-[...]-na
she: rilteuraq-[...]-na
we: ualteir-[...]-qa
they: dramqa-[...]-qa
past progressive (eg. description, weather, completed action) fautanmartaqa,
"I was being"
I: faudeuraq-qa[...]-uan
you: fecdeuraq-qa[...]-uan
he: reudeuraqna[...]-uan
she: reudeuraqna[...]-uan
we: ualdeuraq-qa[...]-uan
they: dramdeuraq-qa[...]-uan
past perfect faudeuraq-qamartauan,
"I have been"
imperative martadeuch, "be!"


Plurals are formed by adding -ei (or -qei if the final letter is a vowel) to the end of the noun.

Compound nouns can be formed with the ,ma ("of") form. The name Rac,mamoqei is a perfect example: rac, "language"; moqei, "people"; rac,mamoqei, "language of the people".


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
naq deuq tiren fauren mein leimen teuriq falmic chauc pi
10 -mal
100 -hic
1,000 -dam
10,000 -choq
100,000 -bar
1,000,000 -qeuna
  • 47: faurenmal falmic
  • 3629: tirendam leimenhic deuqmal chauc
  • 1/2: naq,madeuq
  • 8/37: falmic,matirenmal teuriq

Example sentences

  • English: She was talking to Tiatala
    Rac,mamoqei: rilteuraqracuaqnache tiatala
    Transliteration: she.past1.speak.past2.with tiatala

  • English: I would sing many songs
    Rac,mamoqei: fauricruy raceqireiline
    Transliteration: i.sing.conditional song.plural.emphasis

  • English: I will have seven candles
    Rac,mamoqei: faudeiquandeuraq cincaqei teuriq
    Transliteration: i.future.have candle.plural seven

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