Inhibit (ongoing)

Inhibit is my longform webcomic about teenagers with superpowers. It started in January 2015 and updates every Wednesday. I write, draw, colour, and letter the comic entirely by myself.

As a kid, Victor dreamed of training to be a superhero. That didn't go so well.
Now, nine years later, Victor is a resident at the Earl Estate, a home for kids who haven't yet demonstrated that they can control their powers. With his 18th birthday - and a transfer - only a few weeks away, he has one last chance to prove he is capable enough to receive his licence and go home to a normal life. But when he most needs things to go smoothly for once, everything starts to go wrong, and he finds himself tangled in the plot of a mysterious arsonist...

Inhibit can be read for free at A campaign to make a print edition of the first five chapters successfully funded on Kickstarter in February 2019.

Inhibit: Book One was shortlisted for three categories in the 2019 SICBA awards: Best Graphic Novel (for which it received runner up), Best Writer, and Best Up & Coming Talent.

You can follow my Twitter or Inhibit’s Tumblr blog for news, update notifications, and extra art.