Every year since 2015 I've posted a tweet with my four favourite Inhibit pages from that year. This started off being the four favourite pages I drew that year, but after a while it became my favourites I posted because I started building a buffer. Archiving that thread here before Twitter collapses :)

Click to expand each image. There will also obviously be spoilers here so be warned!


"EVE QUICK WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE PAGES YOU DREW THIS YEAR???" haha woah there friend, calm down! here they are!


This Tweet: 2016 edition


the yearly tradition...... my favourite pages of 2017


while im doing a recap, i might as well update this thread. favourite 2018 pages!


favourite pages of 2019! this was hard because my actual favourite pages i drew this year arent going to be posted for another few months so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (also the first page was coloured by @spiremint!)


it's time for my favourite pages of 2020! i have such a small range of pages to pick from this year (and i gotta censor The Page)


quickly logging back on because i forgot to update this very important thread, favourite pages of 2021! this thread is so satisfying


like i do every year, ive collected my four favourite pages i drew this year! in 2022 i was joined by my wonderful colourist @spiremint 💖


for the 9th year a in row (?!?), here are my four favourite inhibitcomic.com pages from 2023! with colouring from @spiremint. umm spoilers don't look if you arent caught up