DATE May 2018
INSPIRATION Wooden scrapbooking letters

I'd been working on my Synapse and Scarab scripts and wanted something new to play around with. I found a box of wooden scrapbooking letters, emptied it out onto the table, and picked through it to find shapes I liked.

I have a lot of conlanging habits, and one of them is running out of enough separate glyphs and ending up with a mix 'n match grid system. Our old friends the diacritics have made a stunning return, but this time I tried to at least make sure it wasn't a simple English cypher. I picked out a phonology that might be fun to play with for future conlangs. I haven't developed this into a conlang quite yet but there's still time.

When Spire and I were developing Vuwcid I did suggest this script as a starting point for the script because I liked the swoopy shapes, very different to the geometric scripts we'd used for Zhavise. Vuwcid ended up looking quite different but you can see the seeds here.


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