DATE May 2018
INSPIRATION Scarab beetle muscle cell diagrams
Heart Monitor

I can't quite remember where I saw it (possibly the Harvard Natural Science Museum??) but I found a hand-drawn diagram of scarab beetle muscle cells and the little worm that lives in my brain and makes conscripts revved into gear. I liked the boxy little shapes and wanted to keep the whole script looking very bouncy and compact. Once again the diacritics are here, everyone give them a big hand. It's a very simple little English cipher.

Writing examples


Below is the original diagram. If anyone has any more information on it please do let me know!

This script came together quite quickly, these were the entire extent of my notes. I did briefly have the idea to use this for the conlang that would eventually become Vuwcid a few years later; at the time this was still the "train language" to me. I'm much happier with the direction we took the script for Vuwcid but this one can stay on the backburner for another project.