Imp Adventure

You are a little imp, and the sprawling city of Castle is your oyster!

A short, 20-minute game about being an imp, with 9 hidden achievements. Writing and code by me, art and assets by Spire. Imp Adventure is available to buy on for a measly five American dollars.

Imp Adventure was coded in Ren'Py in August 2023 and was polished up in January 2024 for public release.

The game takes place in the world of Castle. Years ago the sprawling city-fortress of Castle was ruled by demonic Lords, divided into ever-bickering Houses. Angels were an enslaved caste who had to serve and fight for their lords. After an uprising known as Courtfall, the lords' reign was toppled and Castle entered a new age of a difficult and uncomfortable climb towards peace. Imp Adventure takes place post-Courtfall. The world-building section of my site is under construction so there isn't much info on Castle right now except for the extensive conlang stuff I've written up for the demonic and angelic languages!