Ruin of the House of the Divine Visage

Divine Visage is a 3-part comic that is currently being released on Spire's patreon. We co-wrote the story, Spire is drawing it, and I am lettering it.

In a monastery where revealing one's face is an affront to the god housed inside its very chambers, what happens when one young man accidentally sees the face of another?

A rough draft of Part 1 is now available to read!

Once again, this comic blossomed out of one of me and Spire's worldbuilding projects. One of my favourite parts of the first draft was the inclusion of the "writing" system I originally created for this world: strings of beads based on stenotype machines. Although Spire ended up simplifying it for the final version of the comic, I'm still very fond of my original complicated bead combinations and I've written a bit about it here if you're interested.

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