Sketchbook | Azo

A catastrophe has destroyed the Earth's surface, rendering the air unbreathable and forcing people to move underground to survive. After discovering an unusual egg, two hunters living in the Paris metro system try to return it to its home far above.

Impulsive and adventurous, Avron (she/her) is eager to prove herself to her line and work hard at her new job as a hunter. She is tired of living in the tunnels and is certain their lives would improve if they took a chance and ventured to the surface.

Rome (they/them) is Avron's partner and often her unheeded voice of reason. Recently chosen as the line's apprentice magician, Rome is a natural at the magical art of the Old Words. The thought of disobeying orders and incurring the wrath of Etoile (he/him), the line's leader, horrifies them.