DATE December 2019

Lunarsol was developed for a futuristic space setting. I wanted something that looked like it could be plastered on the side of an alien spaceship, but still be fairly readable. I feel like I do that a lot with conscripts, looking for the balance between unknown-at-first-glance and still-intelligible.

The name comes from Lunarsol Industries, a company from the original setting. The alphabet ended up being a simplified, phonetic version of English - "obsurv" and "egzamineishun" rather than "observe" and "examination".

Writing examples


I started off scribbling down some glyphs in the vein I was after. I picked out a few I liked - from the beginning I wanted a variety in heights, and single glyphs for sounds that are usually written with multiple letters in English. I'm such a sucker for that shit.

I wasn't really happy with what I had - there were a few letters that didn't feel cohesive, like P and K. I apparently had a lot of trouble settling on a "sh" letter.