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  • Ardalambion - a comprehensive site on Tolkien's languages (if you're interested in Tolkien, I also recommend A Secret Vice: Tolkien on Invented Languages, edited by Dimitra Fimi & Andrew Higgins!)
  • Toki Pona - a conlang with extremely limited words
  • Oou: the insane language - "even Oou experts cannot communicate clearly using it, as miscommunication and confusion are integral to the language"
  • Ithkuil - a language that uses "a matrix of grammatical concepts intended to express deeper levels of human cognition more overtly, logically, and precisely than natural languages"
  • Hanziyu - a language based on Chinese characters
  • Seraphim - a multi-channel angelic conlang
  • Tapissary - a hieroglyphic language


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