DATE August 2018

I used to live near a really long path with a long wall of shitty plywood closing up an abandoned building site. The entire stretch of wall had all sorts of graffiti along it and I always liked to look at the art on my way to the shops. Eventually, as I am contractually obligated to do, I took photos of almost the entire wall and picked out shapes to turn into a script.

I love how graffiti lettering is almost a form of cursive, with all the letters bleeding into each other, so I decided for this script that the letters would be able to link up with each other depending on what the letters are. I'm also a MESSY BITCH so OF COURSE I used diacritics again!!

Whenever I'm playing with a new script I always write a million words in it to try it out, and one of the words ended up looking like it said "EBHETE", so that's where the name comes from.

Letters can connect to each other at any point. Vowels that precede a consonant must appear in front of the consonant, but vowels that follow a consonant can appear above, below, or to the right, wherever is the most aesthetically pleasing.



I took a photo of every single piece of graffiti art on this stretch. This isn't all the photos, just a selection. It's funny how many are purple and pink - I'm not sure if that was a conscious choice by the artists or just a coincidence, but all the pieces go really well together.

I used a highlighter to get those nice chunky graffiti shapes using my photos as reference and picked out the shapes I liked. I wasn't looking for letters, just lines that I could steal.

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